Iphone 10 Review

The iPhone SE 2020 is slightly larger than before, taking over from the now-defunct iPhone 8, but retains a low price that will appeal to iPhone fans looking for the best bargain. The cheapest iPhone retains its price, which is why Apple revived it as the original low-cost compact iPhone it launched back in 2010 with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s and then again in 2015.
The phone runs on the same A13 processor found in all three iPhone 11 models, and it runs on Apple’s newest and greatest operating system, iOS 11. With regular iOS updates that add new features, the iPhone SE remains one of the top phones on the market, even though a new version of iOS has been added. The iPhone 11 delivers a stronger camera, which is a big improvement over the previous iPhone 10, not to mention the improvements in iOS 13.
If you don’t want to spend more than $1,000 on a new smartphone, the iPhone 11 is great value. It’s not the best value, however, and you can gogo for another iPhone, but you’ll be better off in almost every way. Don’t feel bad if you just wanted to stick with your Phone 11, though, because it’s still one of the top smartphones on the market.
If you don’t care what phone you have, there’s no need to buy the iPhone X. The iPhone 7 is your best option as it is a fully loaded iPhone with a great camera and a solid processor. You can even get the latter, which I also bought recently, so save some dough and upgrade to the new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.
I’ve reviewed a lot of smartphones over the last decade, but the iPhone X is a damn phone, and I’m sure you’ll save hundreds of dollars if you go with that phone. They will lose the design and the screen, which I think is really an experience. If there’s a big complaint with the new phone It is that there are no abnormalities in terms of camera, battery life or overall performance.
It’s infallibly efficient and increasingly appealing, as I’ve been doing for weeks, with reliable performance that suits its show – stopping the design.
The iPhone X has overtaken Apple and beaten rivals by a mile. For example, there is no other that comes close, and there is no other that comes close.
The biggest thing about the iPhone X is that it’s an entirely new design, but in other ways it’s an ambitious step forward. In many ways, it bears a striking resemblance to the original iPhone and even more so to its predecessor. Apple’s iPhoneX will be replaced by an iPhone 11 Pro, which in turn will replace the iPhone XS.
With glass on the front and back, the iPhone X comes in two colours – Space Grey and Silver – and has a polished stainless steel frame whose edges shimmer and catch the light. It costs $1,999 (buy here) and $2,499 (buy here), and it comes in both silver and black.
The iPhone X is undoubtedly the best iPhone Apple has ever made and represents a much-needed leap forward for the company. Forget the improved battery life – it still runs on the same apps as other iPhones, but has a bigger screen, a better camera and a more powerful processor.
If you trade in your working iPhone X at Apple’s online store – locally and with an upgrade to a 128GB iPhone 11 – you’ll find it at $349 ($14.54 a month).
But for many people, the iPhone X is still the one Apple will keep updating in the years to come. Rumors suggest that next year’s iPhone upgrade will be somewhat more significant, with OLED displays that come with support for all models with 5G. If you notice these rumors, it might be worth sticking around, even if it’s only a few months away.
Check out our iPhone 12 Hub for all the latest rumors about Apple’s upcoming phones, and the iPhones mentioned here run the full range from the iPhone 10 to the next iPhone X.
Apple unveiled the iPhone XR last year, which is due to be released in the autumn to coincide with the iPhone 12. You’ll be able to upgrade to the new iPhone 10, iPhone 12 or even the next – iPhone 11.
The fact that Apple has chosen to bless this model with the title “iPhone 11” rather than call it the iPhone 11R says a lot about where the company is positioning the phone. The successor model iPhone XR will be the new iPhone11, so it can bear the burden of being known as “iPhone11.” We really liked the X R and even said it could be the best iPhone Apple has ever built.


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How to turn your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini into a remote

How to turn your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini into a remote

We all know that the normal remotes we use, tend not to be long-lasting where you are always required to buy new batteries for them so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits they bring to our living rooms. It is for this reason that you need a better way to solve this issue and there is no better way of doing it than to turn your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini into a remote phone and since you are always with your phone it will be easy to use it to tune whatever electronic you have at home. However, for you to be able to use your phone as a remote control, you need to have either of the following remote apps in your phone and you will get to use your phone as a remote.

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If all your home electronics have the capability to use the Wi-Fi, you will no doubt love this app, this is because this app relies on the Wi-Fi to send its commands to these devices where by sending these instructions you are able to perform the tasks you would have performed with your remote. With this app in your phone you will surely change the use of remote controls in your living room.

The RedEye
Just like how many of the remote apps operate, this one too is similar to them where it communicates with the devices through the use of the Wi-Fi connection which makes it easier for you to use as you are only required to understand how to use the app and you leave the specific commands to the app itself especially so that it has a big database of all the necessary commands to make your electronics operate as you want them to.


With this app in your phone, you will not be required to use a Wi-Fi connection as it uses a direct plug in that you need to plug into your phone. This is quite interesting as you will be able to control all your electronics by just having this app and that plug in.


With this app, you will be required to have another device that you will be required to plug into your phone via the audio jack port of your phone for you to be able to use it effectively. With this app you will be guaranteed to perform all your remote activities right from the comfort of your mobile phone and therefore the reason to have it in your phone.


This remote app is quite interesting to use as it enables you to customize an electronic guide of all your favorite stations and channels for easier watching. It also enables you to get information of the latest recommendations from your social network friends which make it easier for you to decide what you need to watch. With the aid of another app, you can operate the app using your Bluetooth which is quite an easy process.


How to turn your Samsung Galaxy Alpha into a radio

The best free radio apps for android

There are some of us who are totally into radio listening whereby they cannot travel without having to listen to a radio while they are on their way. If you are such kind of a guy, then you do not have to worry about carrying your radio everywhere you go it would seem very awkward for people to see you carrying a huge radio everywhere you go. Listening of radio through your Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been much easier all because of the latest progress in the technology whereby apps developers have come up with great apps that you can download and listen to all your favorite radio stations from. Some of these great apps include the following:

The Tunein Radio app

Based on the internet market for android apps for radio listening, the Tunein Radio app is the most popular radio app having been downloaded and used by more people than any other radio app. This is not the only reason why you should be using this app as your radio listening app as there is also another very important quality possessed by this app: it has over 100,000 radio stations for you to choose your favorite stations. You will agree with me that there is no way you can get bored to listening to over 100, 000 unique stations and therefore you are guaranteed access to all your favorite stations. The app also gives you an opportunity to get on a free basis or on the pro basis, whichever you find appropriate for your use.

The Internet Radio PCRadio app

Just like its name suggests, this is a radio listening app that allows you to stream live the radio content form the internet. It is a great app to have in your android phone as it offers you radio stations that cover all the music genres from Pop to relax music. It also gives you an opportunity to set your favorite stations from which it becomes much easier to access them after classifying them as favorite. The most outstanding feature of this app that should make you download it is that it always produces high quality sound of the music no matter the quality and speed of your internet connection.

Pandora Internet Radio app

This is an amazing radio app you don’t want to miss as it gives you an opportunity to personalize all your radio information. It gives you a chance to personalize more than 100 radio stations by simply choosing the radio stations based on the artiste, band or songs that you like and they will become your favorite radio stations. The app also enables you to set up your favorite stations by simply showing which artistes and genre of music you like and the app will notify on the new things about your specified likes.

The Jango Radio app

It is a very user friendly app whose interface is also among the most beautiful and you will simply enjoy using this app. It also gives you an opportunity to access your favorite type of music by just listing you’re the kind of music or name of your favorite artistes and ones you do this the app will recommend the statin that plays that kind of music.

The Sky.FM Internet Radio app

This is one of the few radio station android apps that gives the user the chance to listen to music that was played in the past years such as the music that was played on the 60s and the 70s. You certainly want to experience this app if you want to enjoy these among other benefits of having this great app. So if you want to experience the amazing experience exhibited by this app simply download it and you will be read to use it.


How to remain informed through your Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

Best News apps for android phones

Keeping track of the latest happenings in the world has obviously become everybody’s concern with each and every day experiencing new happenings all over the world. However, the latest entries of better news apps for android phones have made it easier for one to watch the current and breaking news right from your phone. With news apps such as the ones listed below watching news is bound to be a lot easier than how it was a decade ago. You can use the android applications below on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini to follow up on all the latest news. app

This is a great news app that mainly focuses on the breaking news. Although it started out as technology news newsletter it has grown over the years to be among the best app dealing with the current news where you get the chance to choose the category of news you want to read about. Make sure you get this app into your android phone or iPhone.

Yahoo news digest app

This app is among the most used news apps for android phone with this reason being attributed to the fact that yahoo is among the pioneer stakeholders in the technology sector. Because of its vast experience this app is able to broadcast news from all over the world and with this app in your phone you will certainly be able to follow up on the latest news trending in the whole world.


News360 app is among the oldest news apps to be created for android and iPhone use. It is a well-coordinated app not only giving you current news but also news and stories about the learning world. This app generally ensures that you are kept in the know of what things are happening in the world and also information about learning experiences that you might not know. By virtue of it being among the first developed news apps, its experience comes in handy in making sure that the news they convey are the most useful in the current world.

Newsbeat android app

Although it is a new news app, it has significantly grown in the numbers of people using it. It basically gets its news from other well-known news websites and then filters them for you just so you can get access of these pieces of news right from your mobile phone. It gives a well-organized weather and traffic report for its users in the United States and you are bound to enjoy using this app as it also delivers the latest in the world of technology.

Feedly reader news app

Just like its name suggests it is a RSS reader app where you the user always keeps getting the latest news in the world. With this app you will always get access to the news no matter where you are from. The advantage of it being a RSS reader app is that you are able to access a wide variety of news since the news will always keep flowing through your screen.

So make sure you get the best news app for android that suits your needs and start keeping in touch with the latest in the news world right from your phone.


A look at what Sony Xperia Z3 offers

Sony Xperia Z3

The design

The Sony Xperia Z3 is a smartphone that has been designed with an android operating system of 4.4 with a quad core processor of 2500MHz. It has a RAM of well slightly above 2GB and an internal memory of 16GB. These features ensure that the phone operates smoothly where you get to effectively use your phone where you can undertake two processes without having to wait for one to complete. It also has an opportunity of expanding your memory to 128GB and therefore you are guaranteed to never lack space for storing your personal data in your phone. It is relatively light compared to the other smartphones since its weight is more or less 129 grams and this ensures that you can comfortably carry it in your pocket.

With a screen of 4.6 inches and a screen resolution of 720×1280,you are able to comfortably use your phone’s screen where all the images and applications’ details will be viewed with a lot of ease since they will be very clear for anyone to see. Another great feature worth mentioning is that it has a relatively strong camera which is able to capture quality photos for you. With a rear camera of 20.7MP and a front camera of 2.2, you are surely guaranteed to experience an easier and more effective photo taking process. Its special camera features such as the face and smile detection also makes the whole process interesting.

The features

With a battery capacity of 2600mAh, the Sony Xperia Z3 is able to offer 14 hours of talk time an equivalent of 920 hours when in stand-by mode. This guarantees you that the battery will not die while you make an important call and therefore the problems of having to charge your phone every now and then will have been solved. This type of battery capacity will ensure that you get to effectively use the available inbuilt apps as well as other installed apps without having to worry about your battery dying while you use some of those apps tat consume much of the battery’s power.

The phone also offers you the available connection features that are found in the other smart phones such as having a Bluetooth connection where you can basically exchange files from this connection. Just like the other smart phones it also has a Wi-Fi connection which not only enables you to use the available connections but also come up with a hot spot for sharing your data. It also has a good sounds system which gives you the chance to audio record and play files in the several sound formats such as MP4 and AMR. It basically supports all the audio playback formats and therefore you will be able to listen to all your files.

With the phone almost being out, it is very important that you understand the special features that this Sony Xperia Z3 has so that you are able to make an informed decision on whether to purchase it before it even hits the market.


How to listen to music with Bluetooth headset from your Samsung Galaxy S4

Smartphones users enjoy the benefit of receiving calls through their Bluetooth headset devices; however, it is important to note that the Samsung Galaxy S4 users can listen to music via their Bluetooth headsets that is if you did not already know.

It is however important to understand how to go about listening music via the Bluetooth headset. There are several steps that one needs to follow so that you can be able to listen to the music in your phone through your Bluetooth headset. Like for instance, one in this article we will consider the various steps one needs to follow to be able to listen to music via the Bluetooth headset.

Step one is that you need to be sure that your iPhone supports the wireless connectivity to headphones and headsets. Before beginning, you need to make sure that the Bluetooth connectivity has been set and that you can view the headset where you will now connect to the Bluetooth headset. One other issue worth noting is that for the two to connect and pair, the two must be close to each other in distance though not that close.

After you have ensured that you have followed the above procedures, you are now able to start the enabling process by scrolling through your phone. This is where you browse to the settings page on your phone from which you will general folder and then to the Bluetooth application. Under this is where you will turn the Bluetooth on and it will automatically start searching for Bluetooth devices around you and it is bound to discover your Bluetooth headset as soon as possible. As soon as it does this you, you will be required to input the PIN so that you can be given access to the usage of the device and after keying in the PIN, the phone and the device will start pairing. The pairing is just a short process and ones it is over you can now start using your headset.

You can now visit your home screen page where you can select the folder with your music and can immediately start listening to the music through your headset immediately you press play. However it is also to note that though the process of the phone searching for Bluetooth devices available for pairing it might detect several of those Bluetooth enabled devices but it can only pair with only one device to know. You should also remember to switch off the Bluetooth connectivity ones you have finished listening to the music just to save some power on your phone as know very well that Bluetooth uses a quite significant amount of energy to keep it running.

Am certain that with this information you will now be able to listen to music via your Bluetooth headset and you will not have to keep on carry your headphones and earphones wherever you go so make sure you get one if you do not have it.


Keeping in Touch with the fashion world through your Samsung Galaxy S4

Best Android Fashion and Beauty Apps

If you are someone who always wants to keep up with the current trends in the fashion world, you certainly need to have something which you use as your reference for keeping yourself updated in the fashion world. Fashion is always changing and therefore you need to be always aware of what is happening if you want to be always trending with the current fashion. For you to make sure that you are well aware of what the fashion through your is currently offering Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, you need to at least have one of these fashion and beauty apps for you to succeed.

The Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker app

Although its rating is not as high as that of the Zappos app, it is also a good beauty app which keeps up to date with the latest developments in the fashion world. Although you are required to pay a monthly fee of $2.00 you surely get the value of this money you spend as this app gives you a wide range of the photos of the available beauty and fashion products. You also get a chance to view them in videos which eases up your choosing process.

The Zappos app

This app is quite commanding when it comes to the fashion world commanding about five million installs all over the world. If you want to know whether you can trust the use of this app, you can rest assured that it will satisfy your needs going by the fact that it has a 4.5 start rating by all those who have used it. This app notifies you of when your shipment process begins and when the product comes back to their stock.


Snapette fashion app basically lets you keep in touch with the latest in the leading boutiques and fashion designer stores. It gives you a chance to view the photos of what these stores are offering and therefore you are able to choose what from what is already in the market.

The Beautylish Makeup Beauty Tips app

This app generally keeps you aware of the new makeup looks and hairstyles. The app gives you a chance to create a profile which you can upload with your makeup on and you let people comment on whether it is perfect or not. You also get to discuss the current style options on its social network and therefore you are able to know what is currently trending.

The Pose

Just like its name suggests, this app is basically a beauty and fashion app which encourages the social interaction of the people using it by posing the images on the app. The app gives you an opportunity to share your outfits where people will comment whether you look great and you also get the chance to view what other people are uploading and maybe you can borrow their fashion ideas. It also has a wonderful feature where you are able to view the fashion bloggers and celebrities are currently trending with and therefore you are able to remain relevant in the fashion world.


An insight on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung galaxy note 4 has been considered to be a comprehensive phone of all the four versions of the Samsung note phones.


The most obvious and notable difference from the other note phones is its massive 5.7 inch display screen. This screen enhances its efficiency even more by having a quad HD screen resolution that ensures that you get to view your phone applications and operations in absolute comfort without having to worry about moving your phone closer so that you can get to see what your phone is operating on. Its operating system is scheduled to be of 4.4.4 where it will be the latest and most efficient android operating system and with an internal memory of 32 GB and a RAM of 3GB you will definitely enjoy using this phone as all the operations will be running smoothly without experiencing any problems of hanging or any other problems.

It outstanding feature is also the fact that it is bound to have a rear camera of 16MP, that is double what the normal smartphones are offering. If the current high rating smartphone has rear cameras of 8GB and yet they deliver good photos, imagine the quality of the photos that will be shot by this camera of 16MP. The camera is also expected to come up with amazing features such as being able to take dual shots as well as take HD videos simultaneously, this is extremely lovely as you will be able to capture two wonderful events taking place at the same time.

People nowadays are considering the length of the battery life of the smartphone they want to purchase before finally being convinced that it is what they are looking for. The Samsung Note 4 has taken care of this ensuring that the battery they provide you with has a 3220mAh capability which will ensure that you get to use your phone without having to keep on charging it after every 2 hours. Its feature of having an ultra-saver mode also ensures that you get to use your phone for even more hours. Its lower power consumption feature also ensures that it saves more for you to use it for a longer period of time.

Let’s talk about securing your phone and this note 4 gives you an opportunity of utilizing the finger-print sensor where it will make it easier for you to use and complicate things for those who may want to use your phone. Although it is estimated to be about 176 grams, it is considered as going to be comfortable to carry.

Key details

This phone has been designed to ensure that its users are able to experience everything in HD form and it is for this reason that you need to watch out for this phone especially now that it is expected to be out anytime from now. You need to check out on the Samsung galaxy notepad 4 news on our social blogs fo more information on this great Samsung product.